what is American connection

American is a quick-release connection of pipelines. It is widely used in any pipeline systems transporting non-corrosive substances (e.g. water supply, heating).

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By design, this coupling has two fittings with threaded and a collar, which rests on the hexagonal nut. As a rule, the American is equipped with a sealing gasket made of paronite, polyurethane or special rubber.

This clutch is different:

-high reliability and tightness;
-easy to maintain (Assembly and disassembly work does not cause difficulties).

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By type of attachment such couplings are threaded:


прямая американка, сгон американка, муфта. американка. американка сантехника, соединение американка

The American women thread is:

-cylindrical.The sealing gasket is not used in the cone mounting. This connection tolerates temperature fluctuations and deviations of the axes of the joined pipes (up to 5°). Typically, such couplers are used on the thermostats of the radiators.

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Cylindrical (flat) fastening must necessarily be equipped with gaskets for sealing. This mount is easier and cheaper to manufacture, so it is more common.

American is made of:

-high-alloy steel (stainless steel).

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There are also combined products consisting of polypropylene and metal parts. Combo coupler can withstand large changes in temperature and pressure of the medium in the pipeline.

Brass American women can withstand an increase in the temperature of the transported medium to 1200 °C, in terms of durability, such products are superior to cast iron. In some cases, the brass fitting (American) can be supplied with additional elements made of Nickel or chromium.