Knurling of the running thread on the screws

The knurling of the trapezoidal thread is used in the manufacture of special pins and lead screws used in lifting devices and clamping equipment. With the help of a trapezoidal thread, the movement in the nut-screw system is transmitted. Rolling rollers.

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trapezoidal thread
Features of the thread.
The trapezoidal thread has a profile that resembles an isosceles trapezoid with an angle of 300. It is performed in accordance with the norms of GOST 9484-73 and covers single-pass trapezoidal threads with a diameter of 1-640 mm. Products with a cut trapezoidal thread are able to withstand a significant load.

running screws for the machine, trapezoidal thread

pair of screw+nut
Features of knurling.

The trapezoidal thread can be applied manually or using special equipment. Each of the options has several disadvantages. Manual carving does not allow you to get a high-precision product. Carving using machine tools requires the availability of appropriate equipment and skills to manage such equipment.

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Equipment for carving. Several types of equipment are used for knurling trapezoidal threads: the two-roller roll forming machine is a universal equipment used in the machine-building industry, which allows cutting threads with a diameter of 2-200 mm and a pitch of 0.35-16 mm with high accuracy; thread-rolling head – used together with multi-spindle, rotary-turret, turning machines; flat dies-used at hardware enterprises, where standard precision parts are manufactured with a thread of 1.5-33 mm in diameter and a pitch of 0.35-3 mm; thread rolling machines with a roller-segment mechanism-process parts in a narrow range (with a diameter of 1.6-16 mm and a thread pitch of no more than 2 mm); taps are a hand tool in the form of a screw with a longitudinal cutting edge that allows cutting trapezoidal threads at home or in production conditions.

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