Our company is engaged in manufacturing of fittings according to OST, GOST, TU and customer’s drawings. The main consumers of our products are petrochemical, power generation companies and individuals (hose fittings), various fittings for hydraulics and hydraulic connections. We have mastered a wide range of nipples from various steels (steel material 20 … 45, 09G2S, stainless steel AIS 304, 12H18H10T, 12X1MF, 30XMA, 40X, 25x2m1f, 15 XM.) Any other steels at the customer’s request for high pressure, for aggressive and high-temperature environments ) and for various documentation. We produce transitional unions, hoses for hoses made of black rolled products, brass and stainless rolled products. High-pressure connections for cryogenic, vacuum technology together with clamps.

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Fittings according to GOST 22792-83

The fittings are designed for pipelines with lens condensation of enterprises of the petrochemical industry and for the production of mineral fertilizers by Ru from 10 to 100 MPa (over 100 to 1000 kgf / cm2) at ambient temperatures from minus 50 ° C to plus 510 ° C.

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Fittings according to OST 24.125.12-89

Fittings for NPP pipelines. Fittings are made of corrosion-resistant austenitic steel for pipelines of nuclear power plants for working pressure and medium temperature (water vapor and hot water).

Fittings according to OST 24.125.11-89

Fittings Dy are less than 50 mm for pipelines. Fittings are made of corrosion-resistant austenitic steel for pipelines of nuclear power plants for working pressure and medium temperature (water vapor and hot water).

Screw connection OST 108.313.07-82

Pipe connections of steam pipelines of thermal power stations with an absolute vapor pressure of 9.81 MPa (100 kgf / cm) and a temperature of 540 ° С. The choice of welding materials, depending on the type of welding, is carried out according to OST 108.940.02.

Fittings for branches on OST 34.10.761-97

This standard will apply to the use of fittings for branches of carbon and low-alloy steels for pipelines of thermal stations.

Manufacture of fittings for CHPP by OST 108.462.08-82

Pins welded Ш, TU 36-1118-84 are intended for protection of selective devices from temperature influences and aggressive environments. Connection with tapered thread K, R.

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Welded welding pins Шц, TU 36-1118-84, such protective armature is made of rolled or seamless cold-deformed pipe. Connection with inch G thread. They are used for installation of various measuring instruments in the pipeline system.

Fittings «herringbone» is used to connect the hoses to the inner diameter, fixing the clamps. Also used as a repair part for rupturing the hose.

The welded joint, GOST 16045-70 — for connecting the pipes to the inner cone.

The transition adapter from the thread M39x1.5 to K 1/2 «, M39x2 to G1» is used to switch from one thread standard to another. For connecting foreign pipe fittings with domestic.

Socket, GOST 24092-80 — cone angle of 24 degrees, joints of hydraulic and pneumatic pipes. This standard applies to chimneys for steam pipelines of CHP.

Repair connection — used for quick connection in the areas of rupture of hoses.

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