Production of rolling rollers

The production of threads by the knurling method leads to an increase in productivity and a decrease in the material consumption of products. Which in turn leads to energy savings, etc.

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The fierce competition in the modern market of machine and instrument — making products (hardware, etc.) makes it necessary to continuously improve the quality and improve the technologies of their manufacture. Threads are one of the most common elements of hardware and other parts of machines and appliances. At the same time, the complexity of manufacturing critical threads is up to 50% or more of the total complexity of manufacturing the part.

Thread rolling head for CNC machine lathe milling machine high precision thread rolling systems
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Thus, the quality and cost of manufactured parts and the competitiveness of the enterprise as a whole will largely depend on the effectiveness of the thread forming technology used. One of the trends of modern mechanical engineering in the world is to reduce the scope of cutting processing and partially replace it with highly efficient physical and technical processing processes, including rotary pressure processing methods. With regard to the processing of threads, this method is threading, which allows to ensure high.

The main consumers of products are manufacturers of oil and gas production equipment and military-industrial complex enterprises, Machine-building enterprises., Factories producing hardware products. In general, almost all industries meet with connecting elements in one way or another. The decision to purchase thread rolling equipment depends only on the volume of production.

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